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This entry lists all patches available on this site. For some users, it might be more convenient than searching through the directories.

Last update:2008-06-01 16:00
Description:All patches as one long listing
Abstract:This entry lists all patches available on this site. For some users, it might be more convenient than searching through the directories.

  • 2.4-nsawdt : Watchdog driver for NexCom/NexGate's Network Security Appliances - Willy Tarreau - 2006/01/14
    This driver supports Nexcom's NSA1041, NSA1045 and NSA1046 onboard watchdogs under Linux 2.4. The hardware knows 7 timeout values : 1,2,4,8,16,32 and 64 seconds. The LAN bypass function is coupled to the watchdog on hardware which supports the function.

  • 3G+pax : Resolves the conflicts when applying PaX on top of tunable-address-space - Willy Tarreau - 2006/01/16
    PaX and tunable-address-space both touch This patch resolves the conflict which occurs when applying the PaX patch on top of a kernel patched with tunable-address-space.

  • 3ware-9xxx : 3ware 9xxx SATA-RAID support - AMCC
    This is already in 2.6 (see CONFIG_SCSI_3W_9XXX).

  • aic7xxx : New driver for Adaptec 7xxx and 79xx SCSI controllers - Justin Gibbs - 2005/03/06
    This is the latest version of Justin Gibbs' driver for the Adaptec 7xxx and 79xx SCSI controllers. It is a bit old and has been rediffed against newer kernels. It might work better than the old one for some people with very recent cards.

  • config-optim-geodegx : Add GeodeGX1 CPU Support - Kianusch Sayah Karadji - 2006/01/10
    This combination was partially recomended by Alan Cox (during inclusion in the 2.6.x tree) and provides much better performance over other combinations on this CPU.

  • config_ip_stealth : Do not send RST in response to a connect() to closed port - Willy Tarreau - 2006/01/09
    Ported MadCamel's CONFIG_IP_STEALTH patch from 2.2.18. It permits to drop connection attempts to closed ports without sending an RST back, which proves useful as a first protection barrier. The ICMP code has been removed from the patch since kernel 2.4 provides everything to block outgoing ICMP.

  • device-mapper : Device Mapper for kernel 2.4 - Alasdair Kergon, Christophe Saout
    The Device-mapper is a new component of the linux kernel that supports logical volume management. It is required by LVM2 and EVMS. The original LVM (included in stock 2.4 kernels) does not use it.

  • drm-radeon : Radeon DRM 1.8.0 support for - Pierre Pronchery - 2008/06/01
    Pierre updated the DRM code to match 2.5.75 (DRM 1.8.0) to gain full 3D support on his ATI Radeon 9250. He proposed this code for inclusion into 2.4.36 but 2.4 is in feature freeze and this patch is not 100% trivial. Pierre has tested this code with an ATI Radeon 9250 equipped with an R300 chipset.

  • dummyphp : Dummy PCI Hotplug driver - Rolf Eike Beer
    If you have no PCI hotplug slots you can simulate the hotplug events with this driver. After installing and mounting pcihpfs somewhere you can "echo 0 >" to the slot file to remove a given PCI device from the kernel. "echo 1 >" will bring it back again. If someone is testing if a driver is hotplug-capable this is really useful.

  • epoll-lt : a very scalable event polling mechanism - Davide Libenzi
    The epoll mechanism is a powerful replacement for poll() and select() because it is not sensible to the number of file-descriptors. It can transparently support tens of thousands of FDs without any measurable slow down. It has been merged into 2.6, but this patch allows demanding applications to achieve very high performance on 2.4 too.

  • gcc4-fixes : Patches making it possible to build the kernel with GCC 4 - Mikael Pettersson - 2006/01/30
    Those patches maintained by Mikael make it possible to build the whole 2.4 kernel with gcc version 4. They will not be merged into mainline to avoid another mess like with gcc-3.4 patches, but they can be useful for people relying on newer distros which only ship gcc 4.

  • hotfixes : security and critical fixes for recent Linux-2.4 kernels - Willy Tarreau
    The 2.4-hf kernel tree only contains hotfixes for 2.4 mainline kernels. These are intended for people who cannot upgrade for various reasons, and who still need to apply a security or stability fix. All patches are extracted from the next mainline release or pre-release. The oldest yet supported kernel is 2.4.29.

  • i386-emu-rdtsc : Kernel emulation of user-space RDTSC instructions on i386 and above - Mikael Pettersson - 2006/01/30
    Some user-space applications erroneously rely on the presence of the RDTSC instruction on x86 CPUs while they should check its support first. This leads to Illegal Instruction signals causing the application to crash. Mikael's patch emulates the instruction in a clever way so that the values it returns follows a monotonous function over time.

  • kmsgdump : a Kernel Messages Dumper used to save oopses and panics for further analysis - Willy Tarreau - 2004/03/28
    KMSGDUMP is an extension to the Linux kernel which allows the user on the console to dump the last kernel messages onto a floppy diskette, thus avoiding to take a pen and a paper to copy them when the system is stuck. Only 3"1/2, 1.44 MB diskettes are supported by default. Other capacities might work, provided you change the geometry in the file "kmsgdump.h".

  • lcdpanel : Driver for HD44780-based LCD panels (and derivatives) - Willy Tarreau - 2005/05/20
    This driver supports an HD44780-based LCD panel connected to the parallel port. It accepts any wiring, both parallel and serial, and also supports an input keypad without any external component. Some characters can be redefined.

  • minixfs-v3 : Support for Minix v3 filesystem - Daniel AragonÚs - 2006-01-24
    This patch provides support for Minix v3 filesystem to kernel 2.4. This is already done in v2.6.

  • oc+pax : Resolves the conflicts when applying PaX on top of strict-overcommit - Willy Tarreau - 2006/01/16
    PaX and strict-overcommit touch the same areas. This patch resolves the conflicts which occur when applying the PaX patch on top of a kernel patched with strict-overcommit.

  • option-boot-logo : Removes the boot logo when in frame-buffer mode - Willy Tarreau - 2006/01/09
    This patch adds an option to remove the boot logo, thus slightly reducing the kernel image and sometimes making the use of the frame buffer easier.

  • pax : a strong protection against buffer overflows - The PaX Team - 2006/01/22
    PaX implements address randomization and non-executable stack and heap, which results in a strong protection against buffer overflows.

  • poll-optim-jiffies : Optimize the timeout computation for poll() and epoll() - Willy Tarreau - 2005/12/04
    The poll and epoll mechanisms use a millisecond-based timeout which gets converted to jiffies. However, the conversion is suboptimal in that it contains one multiply and one divide. The patch makes use of msec_to_jiffies() to let the compiler eliminate those operations when HZ divides 1000.

  • ramfs-limit : Enforces usage limits on RAMFS to protect system resources - David Gibson - 2006/01/16
    David Gibson proposed a patch for 2.4-ac to prevent RAMFS from using all system memory. It has recently been ported to 2.4.32.

  • security : Security patches for Linux Kernel 2.4 - 2006/01/22
    Those patches specifically target security purposes. Some of them might be incompatible with many other patches, and might even break userland.

  • strict-overcommit : Strict VM overcommit accounting - Barry K.Nathan - 2005/12/29
    This patch adds strict VM overcommit accounting to the mainline 2.4 kernel, thus allowing overcommit to be truly disabled. This feature has been in 2.4-ac, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (RHEL 3) vendor kernels, and 2.6 for a long while.

  • tunable-address-space : Adds a config option to choose between 3 memory models - Andrea Arcangeli - 2006/01/11
    Andrea Arcangeli added the possibility to choose between 4 memory models to his kernels : 1+3GB, 2+2GB, 3+1GB, and 3.5+0.5GB. This makes it possible to use up to 3.5 GB without CONFIG_HIGHMEM.

  • watchdogs : Various watchdog drivers
    This page gathers links to various watchdog drivers found around the net.

  • x86-emu : i486/i686 instructions emulation for low-end processors - Willy Tarreau - 2004/03/04
    This patch allows user space programs compiled for 486 to run on a 386 without crashing with a SIGILL. As any emulation, performance will be very low, but since these instruction are not often used, this might not hurt. The i686 emulation can have an impact though, because the CMOV instructions are often used in optimized code. Note that this patch must not be used on SMP systems and might even be at risk on hyperthreaded code.

  • zero-filesize-elf-segments : Fix handling of ELF segments with zero filesize - David Gibson - 2005/12/01
    mmap() returns -EINVAL if given a zero length, and thus elf_map() in binfmt_elf.c does likewise if it attempts to map a (page-aligned) ELF segment with zero filesize. Such a situation never arises with the default linker scripts, but there's nothing inherently wrong with zero-filesize (but non-zero memsize) ELF segments. Custom linker scripts can generate them, and the kernel should be able to map them; this patch makes it so.

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