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There are several versions of kmsgdump, the Linux Kernel Messages Dump Tool :

   - Randy Dunlap has kindly ported kmsgdump to the 2.5 kernel. He's still
     working on it, and I may not always be up to date with his changes, so
     please check his site [ ] for
     most recent releases.

   - fixed a few compatibility problems with more recent 2.4 kernels
   - automatically scroll to end of buffer

0.4.3 ported to 2.4 nearly one year later !!!
   - first port to 2.4 kernel. Hopefully resolved the hanging due to Local
     APIC not releasing IRQs.
   - this version is available for kernels 2.2.18, 2.4.13-wt2 and 2.4.16pre1.

   - forced a switch to graphics mode before text mode to sometimes help
     some cards to correctly reinitialize when they think they're already
     in text mode.
   - this version is available for kernel 2.2.18.

   - corrected a bug in process.c which often made kmsgdump oops.
   - this version is a patch against kernel 2.2.15.

   - modified the do_syslog calling method to avoid it generating oopses
     under certain conditions.
   - now the checkpoints are finer.
   - added a patch against both 2.2.13 and 2.3.23 kernels.
     I consider this version more stable than others, thanks to the efforts
     from Neil , who provided me with a patch for
     2.3.22 and compiled several intermediate versions, and also
     Henrique M. Holschuh  who helped me a lot to
     point out the compiler/assembler problems.
   - worked around a bug in old "as" versions which errors at compile time
     on some old distros.

   - a patch for 2.2.12
   - a patch for alan's 2.2.13pre10

   - a patch for 2.2.10-ac10 kernel.
   - a patch for 2.3.10 kernel.

   - only a patch for 2.2.10 kernel.
     Please forget this release and download 0.3.1 since
     this one has a race condition which causes it not to
     dump on the right sector under some circumstances.
   - a patch for stock 2.2.10 kernel,
   - a patch for Alan Cox' revision 2.2.10-ac4

They may all apply to all recent kernels (2.2.10, 2.3.5+) provided you
have a decent version of "patch". The doc has been updated for version

I'd like you to try this version and share your feedback with LKML
( ).

Willy Tarreau -